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The 4th International Conference on Tourism –2013 CACTUS
13th to 16th November 2013

Contemporary Approaches and Challenges of Tourism Sustainability

Following the success of the previous three International Conferences on Tourism, the organizing committee has decided to continue the initiative with the organization of the 3rd conference that will be held in Bran, Romania.
Starting wih this edition, the organizing committee has decided that the acronym of the Conference to be CACTUS, given being the close relationship between the objectives of the Conference and Centre of the Academic Research in Tourism and Services (CACTUS) of the Department of Tourism and Geography that organizes this Conference.
Most destinations worldwide have been, and continue to be, subject to tremendous visitor pressures with both positive and negative consequences. As a result much debate has been raised on whether tourism is beneficial for tourism destinations or whether tourism creates the seeds of a destination’s destruction. However, there is still discussion on philosophical stances on which are the appropriate policies and management techniques to ameliorate tourism problems and achieve sustainable tourism development, as well as on the significant role played by the local government in the development of tourism. Bearing all these in mind, this conference aims to add to this debate by stimulating discussion and exchange of ideas between tourism professionals, academics, researchers, policy-makers, consultants, practitioners, government officials and postgraduate students from all tourism-related fields.
CACTUS 2013 will also give participants an opportunity to combine an effective conference with a short holiday on Bran, one of the most famous Romanian destinations and a most cited example of sustainable and unsustainable tourism development practices.






Due to a number of requests for extensions, we are keeping the call open until the April, 14th 2013 - Submission of abstracts
April, 15th 2013 - Notification to authors of acceptance
July , 15th 2013 - Submission of final texts

August,10th 2013 - paper acceptance, notification


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